Palm Tree Trimming And Removal In Sarasota

Palm Tree Removal In Sarasota FloridaAre you looking for a palm tree trimming or a palm tree removal service in the Sarasota or Bradenton Florida area? Palm trees are popular in our area and since they grow quickly they need to be maintained by trimming their fronds. When a Palm Tree dies they need to be removed and replaced. Sometimes palm trees die right after a cold winter where we have had a few hard freezes. Most of the time our area does not get too cold because of the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico. If your palm tree looks like it is dying or the fronds are not turning green, then it might be time to get your palm tree removed. Deans Tree Services offers palm tree removal for those in the Sarasota area.

Palm Tree Trimming Cost In Sarasota

The cost of trimming palm trees depends on a few factors such as their size, how tall they are and how long has it been since they were last trimmed. Palm trees can grow very tall which makes it hard to trim and can take extra time to get the job done right. We don’t give prices over the phone because we need to actually see the palm tree. This goes along with those looking to get their palm tree removed. We don’t mind coming out and giving a free estimate after seeing the palms. If you have multiple palm trees we can give you a better price than if you only had one tree that needed to be trimmed.

The great thing about Palm trees, is that they are very strong and which is why so many people have them in the Sarasota area. Palm trees can withstand much of our harsh summer weather, high winds and even hurricanes. These trees are a great choice because of their low cost and low maintenance. Just be careful when choosing to plant palm trees because certain cities don’t see them as shade trees. Some city requirements may say your property needs a certain number of shade trees plant to be compliant with their rules and regulations.

The problem we find is that many palm trees are over trimmed or pruned. Did you know that palm trees are just like any other tree where pruning should be done at a minimum and that over pruning can actually harm the tree. Back in 2014 USA Today put out an article about how “Extreme Pruning Puts Florida Palm Trees In Peril“. Too many tree services were out trimming palm trees that most likely did not need to be touched, but its a money maker for these companies and many homeowners don’t know otherwise.

Palm trees need to be trimmed when you find dead or dying fronds. These are the branches you see growing out the top with new growth underneath. Its normal to see these layers coming off the palm tree but if you do not remove them they will start to attract bats, rats and squirrels.

If you think you need palm tree trimming or palm tree removal in Sarasota, give Deans Tree Services a call. If you have multiple palm trees on your property we may want to come out and see the job site or you may be able to send us pictures. Call us at (941) 234-9525 or fill out our contact form here.